Jac's Ranch October 7th, 2017 Sale Report

Jac’s Ranch
October 7, 2017
Bentonville, Arkansas
Female Sale Gross: $583,050
No of Lots: 73
Sale Average: $7,986
Total Gross: $763,250
Auctioneer: Steve Dorran
Sale Management:

The 2017 Jac’s Ranch sale was of the most successful in their 29 year history. The Shewmaker family along with manager Pat Haley offered an elite set of genetics that were sold across the country. 55 bulls averaged $3,276 to gross $180,200.

Top  Lots:

  • Lot 31 – This powerful bred heifer sired by VAR Empire out of a EXAR Unstoppable x EXAR 263C daughter sold to Crazy K Ranch of Tennessee and Spruce Mountain Ranch of Colorado for $64,000.

    1. Lot 2 – This stout Discovery x Consensus x 3829 daughter sold to Express Ranches and Pollard Farms both of Oklahoma for $35,000.

    2. Lot 1 – A fancy March Cowboy Up x Upward x 3829 daughter sold to Palangio Angus of Arkansas for $30,000.

    3. Lot 17B – A crowd favorite EXAR Stud x EXAR Unstoppable daughter sold to Riverbend Ranch of Idaho for $27,000.

    4. Lot 52B – This fall heifer sired by Discovery out of a Consensus x Total daughter sold to Riverbend Ranch of Idaho for $25,000.

    5. Lot 9 – An outstanding March Discovery x Consensus daughter sold to Vintage Angus of California for $17,000.

    6. Lot 6 -A heifer calf pregnancy sire by 3F Epic out of a Generation x 1559 daughter sold to EZ Angus of California for $15,000.

      Top  Bull Lot:

    7. Lot 116 – This stout Buford Blackjack x Impression son sold to Roger Wilson of Oklahoma for $5,300.