Continuing Sale Schedule 2019

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20th, Sunday, 12:00 Noon (ET) Black Gold Genetics Angus, Crestwood, KY
20th, Sunday, 1:00 PM Plendl's Legacy Female Sale, Kingsley, IA
20th, Sunday, 7:30 PM Tolberts Extra Reserve Red Angus Sale, LiveOnline™
22nd, Tuesday, 6:00 PM Edgewood Angus, LiveOnline™
22nd, Tuesday, 7:00 PM Hoover Angus Online Only
22nd, Tuesday, 7:30 PM Las Rojas Red Angus, LiveOnline™
24th, Thursday, 12:00 PM Double G Fall Angus Bull Sale, Rush Springs, OK
26th, Saturday, Perfect Timing, Lawton, OK
26th, Saturday, 12:00 PM Lauer Polled Shorthorns Complete Disp, Abilene, KS
28th, Monday, 1:00 PM Rust Mountain View Ranch, Mercer, ND
28th, Monday, 1:00 PM ET GMC Farms Angus, Fraziers Bottom, WV
28th, Monday, 6:00 PM Daltons on the Sycamore Angus Sale, LiveOnline™
29th, Tuesday, 7:30 PM JCL Land and Cattle ONLINE ONLY
29th, Tuesday, 7:30 PM Top Hat Simmentals ONLINE ONLY
NOTE: All times are central unless indicated.

1st, Friday, 1:00 PM APEX Cattle, Dannebrog, NE
2nd, Saturday, 1:00 PM CT Land of Lincoln, Altamont, IL
2nd, Saturday, 12:00 PM Ridder Farms Charolais Fall Dispersal, Herman, MO
2nd, Saturday, 12:00 PM ET Point Pleasant Angus, Bland, VA
2nd, Saturday, 5:30 PM ET Jones Show Cattle, Harrod, OH
3rd, Sunday, 2:00 PM DJS Shorthorns, Laurel, NE
5th, Tuesday, 7:00 PM Circle L Angus, LiveOnlie™
8th, Friday, 12:00 PM Double Creek Farms Angus Bull Sale, Clifton, TX
15th, Friday, 7:00 PM ET The Maine Exchange, Louisville, KY
16th, Saturday, 12:00 PM Double Creek Farms Angus Female Sale, Clifton, TX
17th, Sunday, 7:00 PM ET Greenhorn Cattle Co., Louisville, KY
22nd, Friday, 1:00 PM High Roller Angus Pregnancy Draft, Center, TX
23rd, Saturday, 1:00 PM McCoy Ranch Fall Sale, Lane, OK
27th, Wednesday, 7:00 PM CT Six Mile Ranch "Genetic Focus" Online Only
30th, Saturday, 1:00 PM The Event Vol V, Tecumseh, NE
30th, Saturday, 6:00 PM D&H Bred to Buck Sale, Ardmore, OK

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