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In September 2017, Christy Collins Inc. launched a “first of its kind” live bidding and contact management service that allows registered users to view, bid and buy cattle during traditional live auction formats with an auctioneer. The new application and web site has an address of

This system is second to none, for a secure and reliable bidding experience like never before. The system is user friendly for the buyer and simplifies sale registration. An auction is viewable on any mobile device, tablet or desktop and incorporates the use of a farms pre-recorded videos of the lots that are selling. The product is a first of its kind for buyers and sellers!

“We have created a system that is state of the art with the fastest capabilities, backed by the knowledge that I have accrued over the past 15 years in the business,” Christy continued. “I created this system, primarily to be of benefit, not only for the buyer, but also for the sale managers and the sellers. This new application will simplify auction day sale management by a large degree. It will help sale companies and breeders track and manage their contacts and view their buyer’s history. It has taken several years, but we have finally created the perfect auction day management tool!”

For more information visit or email/text Christy Collins at or 516-366-0734.

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