HELP and TIPS for Signing in:

When you create an account, please use a valid email address. If in the future, if you forget your bidders password, you can reset it immediately through the email on your account. You must remember your email and password.
You can create an account at this link. BUYER LOGIN

You can always view an auction without signing in. You must only sign in if you plan to bid on cattle.
If you plan to bid on livestock, you must request "bidding credentials" for all sales. Please request approval for bidding credentials preferably at least 2-4 hours prior to sale time, if not sooner. Please DO NOT wait until sale time to request bidding credentials, as you may not be approved.  NOTE: Once you are approved to bid, you simply click on the SALE PAGE for the auction, click BID ONLINE and click GET BUYER NUMBER, you will INSTANTLY be assigned a buyer number, for that auction, if you have been pre-approved to bid. Once you have been approved to bid at, you will always be able to get a buyer number instantly, unless your buying privileges are unlikely revoked. 

Please note that the asking price on the screen is REAL TIME! Screen or asking price takes precedence over audio and voice! This means that if you have a slow internet connection the auctioneer may be 1-2 seconds behind the screen price that is showing. The screen price is the asking bid at the auction and there is no delay, so you can bid with confidence by watching only the screen asking price. If you have a slow internet connection, we recommend that you turn off the audio and only watch the asking price box. The audio and video are for entertainment purposes only. You can also phone in to place your bids if you feel that your internet connection is not acceptable. 

Please note that the screen price is real time. Screen price takes precedence over audio and voice!

How to Create an Account and Get a Buyer Number

Getting a buyer number after you are approved.